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In Umea [Mar. 31st, 2006|10:58 am]
The Abyssinian Cat
We're in Umeå this weekend to join a catshow with two of our abyssinians. And this evening, we are going to a aby course. The FIFé-judge Marie Westerlund are going to hold a course on how to prepare an aby before a show. I must admit that I never have given my aby's a bath, and there haven't been any good reasons for that either. Why give your cat a bath if she doesn't need it? My aby's have a lovely, soft fur. But perhaps I should make my baby-aby-girls used to take a shower now and then? Just in case? We'll see how this course goes, and how the show goes. My ladies are going to take their first certificates for their GIC tomorrow, by the way. I'm crossing my fingers for that they will manage it.